3 (little known) Causes of Low Libido In New Mothers

Everybody rejoices when a new baby arrives on the scene especially the parents; however, issues soon arise between the parents when it comes to bedroom matters. The man wants sex, the woman does not seem to be in the mood and this happens to be a recurring issue. The man doesn’t seem to understand; the wife wants to please her man but she can’t just help it. Relationship issues, declination of hormones, job stress and other psychological challenges are really taking their toll in the bed room. These and many more makes women lose their sexual desire. This is called sexual desire disorder.  It is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women in Nigeria today. Here are some of the causes.

Postnatal depression is a factor that affects at least one out of ten women and studies shows that one out of every 25 new fathers usually gets depressed after a new arrival of a bouncing baby boy or girl. However, the signs can really show on them as they feel apathy, hopelessness, guilt and loss of appetite, although this postnatal depression experience do really affect both men and women, which can have some impacts on the new mother not having any interest for sexual intercourse.

Most women’s childbirth experience takes serious physical toll, because their experiences during vaginal birth have serious impacts on them like: perineal trauma, which could be as a result of haemorrhoids or stitches during perineal repair of either the vaginal tear or episiotomy – a surgical incision of the perineum after child delivery. Although the healing period does vary depending on how deep the cut or tear is.

Breastfeeding is another factor that affects sex drive or libido in women immediate after birth, because their body is driven towards breastfeeding their babies and also geared against pregnancy from taking place too soon even after birth, as their body system keeps producing hormones that enhances production of milk, and contraceptive mechanism so that pregnancy doesn’t happen too soon and as well activates their low libido.
During these period they some women tend to experience vaginal dryness which could be painful most times during sexual intercourse and this can lead to women losing interest for sex.

loss of libido symtoms
Fatigue is another key factor that could generate stress and lower sex drive amidst women today. Being a new mother is both emotionally, mentally and physically draining in many women. However being drained all day with loads of activities and house chores can be so devastating and frustrating, especially when there is no one around to help or assist, this can lead to sensory and nerve overload and makes her feel claustrophobic and this could make her repel sex or sexual drive.