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Ovarian cancer facts you should know.

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that affects women only, in the area of the reproductive system. While some people are...
glass of water with the words " Hey drink water" On the glass

5 Ways Drinking Water Can Change Your Life!

Source: Pexels Drinking water is life. Or so we’ve been told. Many people don’t drink enough water, which...
african child sleeping on a yellow sofa

Do You take sleep seriously? If not, you should read this.

Picture source: Pexels Sleep is essential. Extremely so. This post might go against everything your favourite motivational speaker...

Monkeypox in Nigeria: What you should know.

An image showing the appearance of the monkeypox lesions on the body. On the 7th of May 2022,...
Image of a sleeping baby girl


. Newborn baby mistakes are quite common. Do you know that there are some common practices that are...
image of a dark skinned woman wearing a white shirt and denims, clutchingher midsection.

Facts About Ulcers You Didn’t Know

We all know someone who has Peptic Ulcer Disease or 'Ulcers' as they are commonly called and while you might think that...
image of a black man wearing a yellow shirt and using an inhaler

Asthma Myths you need to stop believing

Asthma myths are very common because asthma is a condition that affects a lot of people. Asthma is a chronic disease affecting...
picture of a vial labelled malaria vaccine and a syringe that is capped

Everything you need to know about the Malaria Vaccine

There is a new vaccine for the prevention of malaria, the Mosquirix vaccine. It has been approved by the WHO who also said it can be implemented widely in October 2021 after a series of tests and adequate research. It will mainly be used in children in the Sub Saharan region of Africa where malaria is endemic.

HIV test: who needs to get it?

Getting an HIV test is in people's minds now especially since it was World Aids Day a few days ago. There is...
World Aids Day

World Aids Day: rock the red ribbon

World Aids Day is that one day set aside every year to show support for those living with HIV. It is also...

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