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Antibiotics Use: Six mistakes you’re making

Antibiotics are drugs that are used to kill harmful microorganisms which cause infections in the body. Unfortunately, antibiotics are commonly misused and...

Nightmares: 5 causes you didn’t know about

Nightmares, oftentimes referred to as bad dreams are disturbing dreams that result in negative feelings such as fear or anxiety and sometimes...

Extreme Heat and Heart Diseases: Staying safe

Extreme heat poses great danger to people with chronic conditions including heart diseases. Find out how you can stay safe below-

Marburg Virus Disease: What you need to know

Two people were recently recorded to have died from the Marburg virus disease in Ghana and about 90 others are being monitored....

Kidney Failure: Risk factors and Prevention

One out of every 3 black person is at risk of kidney disease. You might be asking why that is? This is...

AS and AS Genotype Marriage: Healthy childbearing options

You just found out that you and your partner both have the AS genotype, can you still get married and have healthy...

Test your knowledge of herbal drinks with this quiz

Africa has an abundance of medicinal plants and for years, many people have made use of them in treatment of several diseases. Find out what you really know about these plants!

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