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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
big bellly

How To Avoid Big Belly During Pregnancy

When it comes to big belly pregnancy, trust me, no woman wants to have a big protruded belly. As a matter of fact, we all...
keep fit

Simple Everyday Exercises That Can Help You Keep Fit

I bet you want to keep fit while doing it in the comfort of your home, that's why you're reading this post, right? Well, you're...
Healthy eating

Why Healthy Eating is Important Even If You’re Skinny

Healthy eating, eating clean, detoxifying and all that healthy lifestyle stuff is often assumed to be a thing for the overweight guys and never...

Ramadan; Healthy Tips To Help You Break Your Fast

Ramadan is here! The holy month of Ramadan is a time when Muslim adult fast daily from dawn until sunset breaking the fast at sunset...



Nutrition Rules For Athletes

I recall last year's Lagos Marathon and how the first three people weren't even Nigerians. Now, I had some of my friends that participated...
foods that boost sperm count

Amazing Foods That Boost Sperm Count

Men have different needs from women, including their nutritional needs. Men need some certain nutrients found in certain foods for certain reasons. One of...
plant-based food

Infographic: 8 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy on A Low Budget

The recession which has hit our dear country Nigeria has become stale news. I am one of those who remain very optimistic about Nigeria...
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