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Patient safety in hospital sign

Safety steps you should take in a hospital during a pandemic

There are safety steps during a pandemic that you can take. Of course, there are also dangers to visiting a hospital during...

How to safely navigate floodwater this season

It is the season of heavy rainfalls and the accompanying floodwater. If you live in any city in Nigeria, then there is...
Red blood cells

5 facts about genotypes you probably did not know

Many of us learned about genotypes during biology class. And we probably remember one or two details now because of sickle cell...
Man with Alopecia

Alopecia; types, causes, and treatment

Alopecia is a condition that is not talked about enough in the country. And it is one that affects quite a number...
Immune System Boosters

Immune system boosters, how do you get them in your food?

Immune system boosters give our immune systems that little push that makes them work that much better. The work of the immune...
Health tips for kids

5 health tips for kids learning at home

This year, you have probably read several health tips for kids' articles. The coronavirus pandemic caught us unawares and it has been...
Suicide Prevention

World suicide prevention day; what it means

World suicide prevention day (WSPD) is today. It is a day that recognizes that suicides happen and that steps can be taken...
Polluted Air

International day of clean air for blue skies

The United Nations General Assembly celebrated the first international clean air for blue skies day on the 7th of September 2020. This...
Drink Wars

Drink wars: Coke vs water

You would think that anytime the almighty coke is pitched against water, there is an obvious winner, right? I mean who wouldn't...
Stir fry instant noodles

Is daily consumption of noodles healthy?

Over the years, there has been controversy about if the daily consumption of noodles is healthy. Noodles that was once a favorite...

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