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Healthy Snacks

5 healthy homemade drinks and snacks under ₦500

Who says making healthy homemade drinks and snacks has to be expensive? Well, generally, healthy drinks and food cost quite a bit...
Food Wars, Rice and Pasta

Food wars: Rice vs pasta, which is better for you?

Okay, for Food Wars today, we will be taking a deep look into two staple foods in Nigeria. Rice and pasta are...
Cancer Symbol

Cancer types that are prevalent in Nigeria

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that affect humans. It is usually painful, hard to beat, and usually reduces the...
Health Insurance

Does lowering the price of insurance improve access to healthcare?

According to the Institute of Medicine, access is “the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes”....
COVID 19 virus

COVID 19 reinfection: Implications for its elimination.

The first case of COVID 19 reinfection was reported in Hong Kong on the 24th of August 2020. The 33-year old man...

Antioxidants, the body’s worker bees

Antioxidants are molecules that do a lot more work in your bodies than you know. They are silently going around like worker...
WHO logo

Africa declared polio-free

The Independent African Regional Certification Commission (ARCC) for polio eradication declared the WHO African Region polio-free. Prof Rose Leke announced this on...
Black Pepper

Black pepper; the hot and healthy spice

Black pepper is a spice that you have probably used before if you cook in this country. Even if you have not...
Tsworld Parfait

Healthy snacks and smoothie vendors in Nigeria

Healthy snacks and eating have become a common trend in recent times. With the new wave of fitfam and weight loss programs,...
Adult Bedwetting

Bedwetting adults: causes and treatment

Bedwetting adults is not a statement that you hear often. And if the statement is referring to you, then it is definitely...

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