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Dr Feranmi on Infertility

Infertility: 12 Major Questions Answered by Dr. Agboola Feranmi

Infertility, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), affects about 48 million couples and 146 million individuals globally. Individuals hoping to have...
food diarrhea

3 food remedies for diarrhea you didn’t know

Diarrhea is the passage of loose and watery stool more frequently than usual. One thing to note about diarrhea is that most...
ketogenic diet for epilepsy

Managing Epilepsy with Ketogenic Diet

Many people who have tried several diet trends for weight loss must have encountered the ketogenic diet or tried it at least...
pills on a person's palm

Drug interactions: What other things affect your drug’s action?

It is not enough that you have used your drug but what did you also use alongside your drug? These other components such as food, herbs, alcohol and even alcohol can compromise your drug's action
a negative pregnancy test kit

Truth or Myth: Infertility Edition

Many people have different beliefs about infertility but are they correct? Take this test to find out if your knowledge of infertility is right!
a man with potbelly

Potbelly: A danger to your health

In the past and even among some people nowadays, potbelly was and is still being viewed as a sign of wealth and...

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