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Carbonated drinks vs fruit juices

Drink wars: carbonated drinks vs fruit juices

In today's edition of drink wars, we are taking a look at two favorites, carbonated drinks vs fruit juices. These are two...

Tonsillitis: what to look for and how to treat it

Okay, tonsillitis is an important condition, especially if you have kids. The tonsils are a pair of lymph nodes that you will...
Food Wars

Food wars: red meat vs white meat, which is healthier meat?

Red meat vs white meat is on our radar in this particular edition of food wars. First things first, we have to...
World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day: nurses make the difference

World Diabetes Day is today, a day set apart to shine a spotlight on one of the most common diseases affecting humans...

Introducing the Health Expert Series with Segun

The Health Expert Series profiles doctors, their lives, and their struggles. Think about it, whenever you feel sick or you injure yourself,...
Covid-19 Vaccine

Do we finally have a Covid-19 vaccine?

The search for a Covid-19 vaccine has been real for the past few months. Many pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories have been...
Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting: is this weight loss strategy safe and effective?

Okay, intermittent fasting is probably something you have considered if you care about weight loss or the fit fam life. Now, there...
A man drowning

Drowning: how to administer first aid

Drowning is not a pleasant thing to experience as anyone who has survived it will tell you. There is a reason that...
Drink Wars

Drink wars: soya milk vs fura da nono

Soya milk vs Fura da nono are our face off drinks today on this edition of drink wars. Now, most of...
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Hypertension facts and symptoms

Hypertension facts that you should know is our focus today. This illness is a silent killer, many people miss it because they...

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