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DG of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) reappointed

The Federal Ministry of Health has re-appointed Prof Lawal Babatunde Salako as the DG of NIMR. The occasion held on the 18th...
Covid-19 drug trials

Nigeria to join in Covid-19 drug trials

The Federal Government has stated that Nigeria will soon begin COVID-19 drug trials. The Presidential Task Force (PTF) announced this on the...
Chlorine-treated water

How Chlorine-treated water affects your health

Chlorine-treated water is the standard for making water safe for human use. But are there some side effects that you might not...
brown rice vs basmati rice

Food Wars: Brown Rice vs Basmati Rice, Which is Better?

Brown rice vs basmati rice, which is better? which is healthier? which is more calorie-dense? Those are the questions we are about to answer. Rice...
Health Insurance

Health Insurance and health Tech in Nigeria (Part 1)

Health insurance has proven to be an effective way of financing healthcare in any health system. Countries all over the world have...
Power supply and health care

The impact of power supply on health care services in Nigeria

Power supply and healthcare, two inseparable services. As we all know, the power supply in Nigeria is not the best. it generally...
Healthcare Data Management

Patient’s data management and Nigeria’s health tech space.

As with anything that has many moving parts, healthcare data management is essential. Proper management of patient's data allows health centers to...
Anger Management

Anger management and your well-being

Anger management is not something that is generally considered to be an important health concern in this part of the world. Anger...
Healthy Food

How to eat healthy on a low budget in Nigeria

How do you eat healthy in a pandemic? you might ask. We know that the past few months have not been easy...

COVID-19 Update: Possible treatments to help fight the virus

Search anything related to possible treatment or cure for COVID-19 online. You will get a bold declaration from the World Health Organization...

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