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Weight Gain

5 Exercises that will help you gain weight

The truth is that people want to gain weight for different reasons. Some people would just like to look thicker while some...
Red vs white wine

Drink wars: Red vs white wine

Red vs white wine, it is the battle of the alcoholic beverages today on drink wars. These two are very popular drinks...
Weight gain

5 Nigerian foods that help you gain weight

Everywhere you go, all you see are ways of losing weight or keeping fit through food, exercise, or just general healthy living....
World Heart Day

World heart day: Can your heart be broken?

Can your heart be broken? what happens when you feel a particularly sharp pain run across your heart? Does your heart really...
Dog with Rabies

World Rabies Day

The World Rabies Day is celebrated to raise awareness on rabies and to bring relevant partners together for rabies prevention and control....
Harmful things we eat

3 harmful food that you eat regularly

There are some harmful food that you eat regularly that you are not aware of. It is not just enough to eat...
Cancer testing

Cancer screening in Nigeria: hindrances and solution

Cancer screening is something that should be encouraged in Nigeria. Cancer is a disease that is as virulent as it is deadly....
Food Wars, yam and sweet potato

Food wars: yam vs sweet potato

Food wars is here again, and this time we are taking a look at yam and sweet potatoes. Two tuber crops that...
Man having chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic: the art of “back cracking”

Chiropractic is an example of complementary medicine. It is useful in treating injuries and disorders that affect the movement of the body....
Patient safety in hospital sign

Safety steps you should take in a hospital during a pandemic

There are safety steps during a pandemic that you can take. Of course, there are also dangers to visiting a hospital during...

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