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asthma day

Understanding asthma- simplified!

It’s World Asthma Day. Let’s talk about it, shall we? Asthma is common. You may have it,...

Ponmo: 5 Reasons to Take Caution Before Eating it

If you're someone like me, you can't buy Rice or Amala without requesting one meat and one ponmo (cowhide). Locally roasted cowhide...
hypertension facts

How many of these hypertension questions can you answer correctly? – Quiz

Take this quiz to assess how much you know about hypertension. Goodluck! Suggested:...
nausea home remedy

Check Out These Home Remedies for Nausea!

Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling. When a person is nauseated, they feel an irritation in their digestive system that causes a strong...

Why Daily Milk Intake is Beneficial

Have you ever heard the saying that “a glass of milk makes a whole meal?” Technically, it is considered as such because milk contains highly essential nutrients

5 Running Tips For Beginners

Regular running is a healthy form of exercise. You can adopt these tips to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Finally, take this quiz to consolidate this information. Till next time, stay informed and stay healthy!

Excessive Energy Drink Intake

Do you know the dangers of taking energy drinks excessively?

When Honey can be bad for your Health

We all know that too much of everything is bad, and this statement still holds when it comes to something as healthy...

Have you heard of this disease of the testes?

Many times when people think about infections, the testes are usually one of the last body parts to come to mind.  You...

What Should I Do Before Jogging?

Do you know what to do before you start jogging? Here's a quiz to find out.