Writing this article came out of a personal experience with cough and catarrh, also known as common cold. The symptoms could be very frustrating. Constant sneezing, blocked nostrils, difficulty in breathing and high temperature amongst others are the general symptoms of cough and catarrh. I wrote this article with so much difficulty because I had common cold. The experience for me was pretty bad. I could hardly sleep; I literally coughed all night asides the fact that I was terribly weak, had a slight headache and high temperature. It affected my daily activities certainly. I had to do something about it and also try to help and enlighten others who might also be in my situation or has experienced such at one time or the other; hence this article.

The first thing to know is how one gets infected. Is it through the food, water, air or probably sharing the personal effects of an already infected pereson?

Common cold is a transmittable infection of the upper respiratory tract, which is basically caused by viruses. The virus enters the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. When in close proximity to an infected person, one can get infected through droplets in the air as a result of the sick person sneezing, talking or coughing. Also, one can be infected through physical contact with a person that is already infected or sharing objects that has been contaminated. People usually get infected when they touch their eyes, mouths or noses after such physical exposure or contact.

Naturally, I don’t like using drugs as a person but when I saw that this infection would not let me rest, I had to resort to natural methods to tackle this annoying and disturbing ailment instead of using drugs and the likes.

Man suffering from catarrh [Source]

So here are the natural remedies that you can use at home to treat your own cough and catarrh

  • GARLIC: Garlic is a powerful antioxidant with the ability to fight against bacteria and virus; it works as an expectorant and decongests the chest and nasal cavity. The use of garlic helps to battle cough and catarrh effectively. Please bear with the smell of garlic, okay?
  • Honey & Lime:  Naturally, I prefer the combination of honey and lime as tea, because it really attacks this cold all round. The hot tea burns out congestion and sore throat at the nasal cavity, while the lime supplies you with vitamin c. With this remedy, your days of cold and catarrh are numbered.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”R3aHn” via=”yes” ]Common cold is a transmittable infection of the upper respiratory tract, which is basically caused by viruses.[/ctt]

  • Vitamin C: The antioxidant property of Vitamin C has made it a good supplement to fight off common cold. So take enough food rich in vitamin C like tomatoes, pawpaw, berries, peas and leafy greens.
  • Robb: This Robb is another effective home remedy to treat cough and catarrh. Just put it in a clean piece of cloth and inhale and you can as well rub it as an ointment around your neck, face and nasal cavity once you take your bath, this will ease your cough and catarrh
  • Okra stream and pepper soup are good home remedies as well try them out.

I’m so excited because I’ve being able to pass a valuable and authentic information to you, do not hesitate to write back to me once you try these tips. Let me know how they worked out for you and how fast also; that will make me feel like a SUPER MAN (*winks).

Do you have other home remedies of how to treat common cold? Please drop your comments at the comment box below. Cheers!



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