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3 Tips to Stay Healthy After Ramadan

For the over 2 billion Muslims all over the world, Ramadan represents a time of fasting, community...

Food Poisoning: What You Need to know

It is possible that classic Nollywood has made you believe that food poisoning is all about eating food containing harmful chemicals. This...
oral thrush

Oral Thrush? Learn about it here!

Oral thrush (also called thrush, or oral candidiasis) is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by yeast-like fungi called Candida.  Candida...
Nutrition in pregnancy

What do you know about Nutrition in Pregnancy? – Interview

In today’s post, we bring you a special interview with Ms. Queeneth Oparaku, a seasoned nutritionist, and we will be talking about...

Understanding Breast Cancer

It is a disease of the breast that occurs when healthy breast cells become abnormal, grow out of control, and form tumours. It can begin in the milk ducts or lobules of the breast. Breast cancer can sometimes spread to other parts of the body.

8 Tips on How to Stay Safe During Rainy Days

Rainy days bring with them a soothing symphony of raindrops and a cool breeze. However, it can also cast a shadow on...
helping suicidal people and providing hope.

Suicidal People: Providing Support and Hope

Suicide is a deeply concerning and heartbreaking issue that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a complex and sensitive topic that...


Ah, September—the month when the kids section in the market slowly turns into your home and your...
Shows an overweight child on a scale


Is your child overweight or healthy? In today's world of overprocessed foods and extra...

5 Running Tips For Beginners

Regular running is a healthy form of exercise. You can adopt these tips to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Finally, take this quiz to consolidate this information. Till next time, stay informed and stay healthy!