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How to avoid weight gain this Sallah period

Weight gain during a festive period is pretty common and could be a source of concern for many people.

Are all breast lumps breast cancer?

So you just found a lump in your breast, does that mean you have breast cancer? Read below to find out more-

What is the right way to check your blood pressure?

Mistakes when measuring your blood pressure can make your readings falsely higher or lower? Read the following tips to find out how...
picture of a vial labelled malaria vaccine and a syringe that is capped

Everything you need to know about the Malaria Vaccine

There is a new vaccine for the prevention of malaria, the Mosquirix vaccine. It has been approved by the WHO who also said it can be implemented widely in October 2021 after a series of tests and adequate research. It will mainly be used in children in the Sub Saharan region of Africa where malaria is endemic.

HIV test: who needs to get it?

Getting an HIV test is in people's minds now especially since it was World Aids Day a few days ago. There is...

Tonsillitis: what to look for and how to treat it

Okay, tonsillitis is an important condition, especially if you have kids. The tonsils are a pair of lymph nodes that you will...
Adult Bedwetting

Bedwetting adults: causes and treatment

Bedwetting adults is not a statement that you hear often. And if the statement is referring to you, then it is definitely...

Safety Swimming Tips For Inexperienced Swimmers

Swimming is one of the most effective full body workouts ever. Diabetics, arthritic people and even pregnant and old people can get some cardio...

Everywhere Steeew!!! Put Your Rice Game on Fleek With Banga Rice

It really is the "steew" season and we all are loving it. Lately we've all been of the vibe to have everything hot and...

The Eyes as a Window to the Body’s Health

The eyes are often celebrated as a window to the soul, and why not. These wonderful orbs are our biggest connection to the world...

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