It’s Quiz O’clock: Endocarditis (Heart Infection) Edition

Infective Endocarditis (heart infection) is a disease of the heart that you should know about. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge about this not-so-common but significant heart condition.


#1. Infective endocarditis is a very common disease

#2. Endocarditis refers to infection of the inner layer of the heart

#3. Viruses alone and not bacteria are the causes of endocarditis

#4. People who have a preexisting heart valve disease are at a higher risk endocarditis

#5. People who inject drugs through their veins are at a higher risk of endocarditis

#6. The symptoms of endocarditis are very distinct and do not mimic other diseases

#7. Joint pain, chest pain and fever can be symptoms of endocarditis

#8. Endocarditis is not a treatable condition


How many questions did you answer correctly? Remember you can read our recent post on infective endocarditis to learn about this disease.

Until next time, stay healthy!