Taking milk is one of the most enjoyable things I love to do naturally, more so because I know how beneficial it is; the essential classes of food it contains, the strength and healing effect it gives to my body. Without further ado, let me share these useful benefits with you.


  1. FIGHTS UNKNOWN DISEASE: You stand the chance of making your bones very strong and protecting yourself against unforeseen diseases now and in the future when you take milk every day.
  2. STRONG TEETH: The presence of calcium and phosphorus in milk and dairy products helps to develop and maintain a healthy teeth. Dentists also highly recommend that milk is the only safe drink to take between meals, with the exception of water. It really doesn’t cause tooth decay.
  3. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: From several studies and researches made, milk and dairy products help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertensive heart disease, etc.
  4. BLOOD PRESSURE: when you consume the recommended quantity and quality of dairy products every day, alongside with vegetables and at least 5 fruits, it can reduce high blood pressure both in children and adults.
  5. OBESITY: milk is a fantastic choice of liquid as it supplies a host of beneficial nutrients and Nigerians are advised to explore other ways to include milk in their diet as it is a natural source of vitamins and minerals which help to enhance mental health, physical growth, performance and development of the young human brain.

NOTE: Those who consume milk and dairy products stand the chance of becoming slimmer than those who do not take it frequently.

It is my utmost desire and delight to see you live a healthy life, so take heed and make it a habit to take milk and dairy products every day.

I believe this article will help you a lot. Please don’t hesitate to add your own useful comments and you can also help someone as well by sharing this useful piece of information across your network, so we can both save and add value to lives.