5 plant-based foods you should know and their benefits

Many times, we eat both beneficial and harmful foods without realizing it. It is important for us to be deliberate especially in areas that affect our health. If I asked you for your favourite meal, it will most likely be a plant based food especially if you are a Nigerian. Many people love plant-based foods; however, very few know their benefits.

plant-based food

If you did not know the benefits to be derived from plant-based foods, today is the day you know. Out of the numerous available, I have highlighted five plant-based foods and their benefits.

  1. ONION: Onion is an essential plant-based food, containing quercetin, which helps to break down mucus in the chest and brain. It’s a good immune booster! Its pungency helps to increase free circulation of blood, enabling the body to withstand cold weather and infections. Another interesting thing about onion is that it can absorb bacteria circulating around the bedroom when you put it in your bedroom. That sounds weird though, but that’s just the fact.
  1. GARLIC: This plant-based food contains alllici compound which enhances the elimination of cold and flu viruses by the white blood cells. Garlic helps to fight against viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
  2. GINGER: This is another super amazing plant food; it’s so pungent, delicious and spicy. Ginger ameliorate sore throats, fever and improves circulation (i.e oxygen circulating well to all tissues and cells, thereby removing toxins), by opening the sinuses. If you take ginger tea, you stand a chance of purifying your system well.
  3. Green Tea: It’s a good source of antioxidants and this antioxidant can destroy influenza and cold viruses. Taking a cup of hot green tea can boost your immunity, but try adding honey to feel great with it.
  4. Mushroom: This well structured and succulent plant is a good immune system booster, as it increases the productivity and activity of the white blood cells. So when you take enough mushroom you stand a chance of gaining tremendous benefits for your immune system.

I personally would encourage you to eat enough of these plant-based foods and others to boost your immunity. I hope I have being able to add value to you, kindly feel free to share this great post, so you too can also add value to others. Cheers