The 7 Commandments of staying forever young

“Forever Young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever, and ever.” Everyone knows this popular hook from Jay Z’s hit track “Forever Young”. I also know that this is not just a popular hook but a popular desire in the hearts of most people all over the world.

In spite of the current economic downturn across the globe, you can still keep your shine and look vibrant and younger than your age. It all boils down to self discipline and determination. If you are prepared to be forever young, obey these 7 commandments:

  1. Forbid sugar: Fast aging may be connected to high sugar content present in most diets. Rather than filling your body with high sugar diet and junks why don’t you replace it with enough calorie free sweetening and fruits?cho
  2. Detoxify your organs regularly: Ensure you take enough liver healing foods like sea vegetables and greens. Also, endeavour to reduce your intake of caffeine and processed foods.
  3. Re-vitalize: Always take vitamin B-complex regularly to help with your daily stress and fatigue, and enhance your immunity.anti41
  4. Take breakfast regularly: Never skip your breakfast. Eating breakfast helps mental clarity and also helps to avoid weight loss and boost working performance.
  5. Be a gym rat: Doing a regular exercise can boost your endorphin and fitness. Visit the gym center, and do aerobic exercise.exercise
  6. Watch your Vitamins: When you have low amount of vitamin D in your body, it tends to expose your body to diseases and fatigue. Therefore, you will do well to take supplements with high quantity of Vitamin D.
  7. Get rid of lead: Ensure you filter off heavy metals, debris, and toxins from the water you fetch at the tap, this will help you drink quality water and avoid toxins into the body.

You can be forever young for as long as you live. Only watch how you live.