7 Healthy Foods that boost women health

Ask a woman to make one wish and I bet she would make three, one of which would be about her health. Most women want to get that perfect body,  perfect look and a healthy life; however, working towards this could be stressful. The journey to attain that maximum height of wellness could be one that requires patience and a bit of hardwork.

Exercise, feeding, and rest are part of what contributes to attaining a healthy life. Feeding requires little and when practiced with the right foods helps in boosting our (women’s)  health.

Here are seven foods that helps in boosting women’s health:

Apples : Smart and sweet, apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that bolsters the body’s disease-fighting abilities.

Broccoli : Enriched in a cup of broccoli is 100 percent of vitamin C (crucial for production of collagen) which gives skin elasticity. It is also rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. This vitamin assist in cell turnover, where so old skin cells are being replaced, thus help in preventing wrinkles.

Potatoes : This super food contain a fat fighting compound called resistant starch that can help keep your weight in check. Consumption of potatoes will not only help in maintaining a healthy weight but also aid in fighting heart diseases by keeping blood pressure low.

Dark Chocolate : As unreal as it may sound, chocolate could be classified as a junk food, but dark chocolate consumed in moderation has its own health benefit on your health. It helps in reducing your stress levels and also fight certain diseases.

Mushroom : Mushroom is packed with so many benefits especially for women. Mushroom reduces the effects of aromatase, a protein that helps produce estrogen – a major factor in some breast cancer. Consumption of an ounce of raw mushroom helps in reduction of breast cancer risk.

Avocado : Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat, which has been known for its swift weight reduction. Consumption of avocados does not only help in reducing the general fats in your body but also burning of belly fat. It helps in flattening your belly. . It also has numerous health benefits.

Spinach : Spinach is high in vitamin K and also contains calcium and magnesium. This helps in slowing down the breakdown of bone which occurs as you advance in age. This leafy green also contains dilate, and vitamin B which helps in preventing birth defects. .