Advantages of drinking a lot of water

It is a well known fact that water is life. Even a growing child would also know that consuming water has certain health benefits even if he/she doesn’t really know the specific benefit.

I remember our new year’s health resolution shared here lately and consumption of water was added in it. This wasn’t added to that list in order to fill it up but due to the health benefits associated with it.

Here, we would be sharing most of this health benefits.

Most doctors recommend drinking lots of water for patients who are being affected by certain illnesses as lack of water in the body which is also known as dehydration.



Dehydration is a common symptom of tiredness and this is due to less intake of water. More consumption of water help fight this situation and re-energizes your whole body.

Drinking water helps in relieving constipation. Low water consumption is a risk factor of constipation but in tackling this, enough water should therefore be consumed in other to soften and regulate proper bowel movement.

Drinking enough water also helps with weight loss. Water aids in boosting an individual’s metabolic rate and also increase satiety.

Water aids in boosting your brain function. Mild dehydration can impair many aspects of the brain’s function such as mood and energy levels. Consuming more water would thus help fight this.

Drinking water helps enhance our kidney functions as the kidney needs enough fluid to function properly.

Water also helps when dealing with hangovers. Consumption of alcohol which results in hangovers could be tackled with consumption of water as this water tends to replace the lost one by means of re-hydration.

Consumption of water also helps in maintaining a perfect skin. By consuming water, you are getting rid of certain toxins in the skin which causes skin inflammations such as aches, pores, pimples, and other diseases.

Consumption of water also helps in fueling up the muscle. By means of working out, we tend to lose water by sweating and this water should be replaced in order to prevent the muscles from getting tired.


Water, having no negative effect on our health should be consumed more often in order to prevent certain illnesses and build certainĀ barriersĀ and also avoid dehydration. Note that water is life. Is there anything as too much water consumption? Know the certain health benefits of consuming water and save yourself from falling ill too often.