Safety tips for your Bathroom

Having earlier shared certain hazards in the kitchen and precautionary measures, I would also love to share with you that of the bathroom as hazards are not only recorded in the kitchen.

Our bathroom is where we do most of our laundry, including body laundry.

Indulge in the splendour of the spacious bathroom and marble bath tub.

Certain hazards can also be recorded there if certain measures are not followed.

Having a look at the following precautionary measures would reduce your risk of being prone to bathroom hazards.

  • Avoid playing in the bathroom. This room is not a place to run about and disturb as you could fall and hit your head against something.
  • Though it has been stated that most laundry are being done in the bathroom, try as much as possible to clean up your bathroom after laundry. Wash up remains of soap from the floor as they could cause slippery grounds.
  • Monitor your taps and showers. Do not leave your tap on when not in use as it could result in overflow of water which could damage properties.
  • Avoid putting on slippery footwears when visiting the bathroom.
  • All electrical appliances if kept in the bathroom, should be kept in a dry place. Do not use electrical equipments in the bathroom with a wet body to avoid electric shock.
  • Repair all faults noticed in the bathroom as they could lead to minor casualties. For example, a bad W.C if not attended to could break and cause injuries to the user at that particular time.
  • Hot water prepared for use should be kept away from kids in the bathroom to avoid burns.
  • Disinfectants should be used in regular cleaning of the bathroom to reduce the risk of picking up germs.
  • Also, bathroom chemicals should be kept of your child’s reach.