Do you know that Beans can help you shed unwanted weight?

Foods like beans, peas, peanuts, soybeans and lentils have been found to be very helpful in weight loss programs as they help shed unwanted weight.

In a place like Nigeria, food like rice, garri, bread, yam seems to be the order of the day while legumes like beans seem to be less preferred.

Pulses, a class to which beans belongs is full of fiber and protein which is why they help in weight loss and to reduce cholesterol. They also help you have a fuller feel, so that even without extra efforts of exercising or staying away certain foods, you still end up losing weight because naturally you feel fuller and hence you tend not to eat as much.

Research has also shown that pulses have low glyceric index. This means that when in the digestive tract they break down slowly, so they can be consumed at mealtimes in place of unhealthy fat.

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