Have you ever wondered why you have red bumps at the edge of your eyelids? Really these red bumps are called styes. A stye is an infection in an eyelash follicle/ tear gland. When you try to scratch that area, the follicle sometimes gets blocked and infected with bacteria.

Mostly, styes are like bumps or pimples and that means you can be tempted to squeeze them. Don’t do that; be patient, it will heal itself.

Styes are most times surrounded by redness located under the eyelid which usually last within the period of three days and gets healed or disappears after a week or seven days.


  • Never rub your eyes when you have allergies
  • Whenever you make up, always ensure you wash off your makeup before going to bed so that eye follicles don’t get plugged over night.
  • Always replace your eye makeup at least every six months to avoid the growth of bacterial.


  • Place a warm, clean, and damp cloth on the affected area of the eye for about 5 to 15 minutes, with continuous reheating as the cloth tends to lose heat often times, do this  more than twice a day.
  • Don’t try to wear contacts or makeups to avoid more irritation when you notice you have a styles.

Symptoms that tell you need more treatment.

Sometimes when you notice this stye is not healing after one week as said, I think you would need more treatment. Here are the signs to indicate that fact.

  • When it grows in larger size
  • When it bleeds more
  • When it affects vision
  • When it spreads to the white layer of the eye, this is a sign of eye infection though.
  • When it doesn’t resolve fast as expected within a week.

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