Dangers of Canned Foods

These days, the rate at which canned foods are being consumed is indeed high. From canned fish to canned beef, to canned tomatoes, to canned milk and the likes. In some countries, they even have  their foods in cans; foods such as yam, beans, e.t.c. and these could endanger our health.

The dangers associated to eating canned foods or even eating these foods directly from the can is more than the nutrition/enjoyment gotten from these foods.

No reasonable person in his/her right senses would say that can foods, or fruits or vegetables are better than fresh fruits and vegetables or foods.

Its Dangers


Canned foods reduce the quality of the food and certain harmful preservatives are being used.

The chemicals used in canned foods to preserve these foods are known to contain carcinogens thus could cause cancer.

Aluminum cans are very dangerous to health as its accumulation in the body could lead to memory problems like Alzheimer’s.

Most foods in cans are raw foods that are being heated after canning and thus this heating could cause the materials used in making the cans mixed with the foods in it.

Bisphenol also known as BPA is used in the inner coating of most can foods, and this chemical is very harmful to the human health.

Preserving canned foods after opening is usually harder than preserving fresh foods as it doesn’t take long before it spoils or get contaminated.

Canned foods expire quickly due to the level of preservatives added.

Due to the high level of processed/canned foods these days it is recommended you limit the rate at which canned food is being consumed. Certain foods which can be gotten in  its fresh form should be consumed.