Diagnosed with Diabetes? Read This

Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes? Well, don’t be frightened. You have all you need to know here. I will try to answer the questions on your mind. But, firstly you need to know about diabetes and the management of the condition. It can be managed for a very long period of time, so relax your mind. There have been records of people who managed the condition for 30 years. If they can do, I believe that you can also do it.

Diabetes is caused by a high level of sugar in the blood. The sugar is meant to be acted upon by insulin for the use of the body. However, when there is a deficiency in the production of insulin or there is a deficiency in the amount produced, it leads to diabetes. The management of the condition involves actions and decisions you must take on a daily basis. Your doctor would give you much direction on this. So, let me get to give you answers to the questions you might probably be having.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it have a cure: No. There is no cure for diabetes presently. However, the most common type of diabetes, which is the type 2 can be suppressed by constant exercise and weight loss. This helps to regulate the blood sugar level, but it doesn’t cure it as the condition resumes back as soon as the exercise stops and weight gain starts.
  • Can I still eat sugar: Yes. Every carbohydrate food contain sugar that can increase your blood sugar level. However, no one can survive without eating carbohydrates. Diabetic patients must watch what they eat as there are some foods they must avoid. The intake of sugar must be regulated.
  • Can it lead to another complication: Yes. Several other complications like heart attacks, kidney disease, stroke, have been linked to diabetes when it is not controlled. If good management of the condition is not practiced, it could lead to other complications in the body.
  • Do I have to be taking insulin: It depends. Type 1 diabetes needs to take insulin to stay alive, but type 2 which is caused by inadequate supply of insulin or insulin resistance may also have to take insulin. Mostly, type 2 diabetes is managed through other means like diet and drugs that may or may not include insulin.
  • Do I have to be checking my blood sugar regularly: Yes. Depending on the type of diabetes, you will have to be checking it about two to fours times daily. This is to analyse the effect of your diet on the blood sugar.
  • Does high blood sugar cause high blood pressure: It may. Blood pressure causes stroke and diabetic patients are liable to stroke. To be safe, check your blood pressure more regularly and follow the advise of your doctor.

Like I said earlier, being diagnosed with diabetes is not the end. It’s just a challenge that you must rise up to face by doing the right things at the right time.