Effects of Bleaching Your Skin

Some individuals due to certain factors make up their minds to change their skin colour. Celebrity love, racism, low self-esteem or inferiority complex, injuries and scars, and maybe other factors are what make individuals have reasons to bleach their skin.


Skin toning, skin whitening,lightening, bleaching or whatever name most people may call it, is the changing of the skin colour by removing the first layer of the skin by means of cosmetic application, or surgeries, and this is popular with darker-skinned people who wish to obtain a more even skin tone.

Hydroquinone, a major ingredient in the production of most skin bleaching creams is effective in bringing about permanent lightening of the skin by inhibiting enzyme reaction of the skin which causes dark pigment.

Majorly, the female sex usually dominate/advocate skin bleaching. Everyone wants to be like their role model (team light skinned as we have it), so they go an extra mile by getting these beauty creams and soaps to tone their skin to that desired colour.

Skin bleaching has numerous effects ranging from light stuffs as acne to devastating repercussions such as skin cancer.

Effects of Skin Bleaching

Skin Bleaching has numerous effects on the skin and some of them are listed below:

Increased risk of skin infections, skin thinning and acne. – Due to the forceful removal of the upper layer of the skin, infections are easy to penetrate and more prone to happen.

Dryness, Redness and Burning – Side effects of Hydroquinone include redness, peeling, dryness, rash and skin burns where the cream have been applied.

Prolonged healing of skin injuries – People who use skin bleaching products, impair their skin’s ability to heal when suffering from an injury, irritation or rash.

Uneven Skin Coloring – This depends on how the product is being applied. A mottled or uneven result may be found from a sloppy application.

Increased risk of skin cancer from sun exposure

Premature skin aging

People who bleach their skin may be affected by an untreatable skin discoloration also known as ochoronosis.



Skin bleaching is not advisable for me as I don’t see a reason for the colour change and I feel you should be proud of your skin colour. But if at all you settle for skin bleaching, it should be done under the supervision of a well-trained dermatologist.