Epsom Salt: 6 Uses and Benefits

I recently stumbled upon a pack of Epsom salt when someone gave them to me to use. Instinctively, I had to visit Google to check up on the uses of this salt, which I’ll be sharing with you in a bit.

Epsom salt is not the regular salt used for cooking, it is named after a saline spring in Surrey, England where the naturally occurring mineral was discovered in the water. It’s chemical name is Magnesium Sulfate and it has many benefits for our health.

6 of the ways in in which Epsom salts can be used are:

1. As a coagulator in the preparation of tofu: Epsom salt can be in the preparation of tofu as a coagulator.

2. For a relaxing bath: Epsom salts easily dissolves in warm water and it is also easily and or by the skin. So if you are feeling stressed or worn out, just soak in a bath of Epsom salts and you’ll be the better for it.

3. As a Foot soak: Soaking your feet in a pan of Epsom salts in warm water is good for soothing away aches and pains, relieving itches and softening rough skin.

4. For removing splinters: In the case of a splinter, soak affected skin area in an Epsom salt bath to draw out the splinter.

5. As skin exfoliator: As an exfoliator, massage handfuls of Epsom salt over your wet skin, from face to feet. Rinse thoroughly.

6. To increase hair volume: Epsom salts can also be used as hair volumizer, mix equal parts of your Sulfate-free deep conditioner and Epsom salt and warm in a pan. Work the warm mixture through your hair and leave on for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

You can get Epsom salts from the Mart or pharmacy closest to you.