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A metallic taste in the mouth is due to a variety of causes, ranging from medication to dental problems, but the truth is, a metallic taste in your mouth can be a pointer to you having a serious disease in your body that’s why it’s always advisable you do a serious general check up to eliminate any undiagnosed health problems in your body.

Metallic taste also shows a serious illness In the body such as liver or kidney problems , cancers and undiagnosed diabetes.

The truth is, most metallic taste in your mouth could be a symptom of gum disease, as poor oral hygiene can affect your bud taste, so brush your teeth at least twice a day with care, and using a tongue scraper can help remove debris and bacteria clinging to your tongue.



  1. Not drinking enough water: not taking enough water can be a contributing factor to the cause of this funny metallic taste in your mouth. Ensure you drink enough water as much as you can, although the standard recommendation of eight 8-ounce of glasses of water a day is very good.
  2. Drugs: prescribed drugs like antibiotic (tetracycline) and some cardiac medications, which is absorbed by the body and comes out in the saliva; these can affect your taste, closing your taste bud in the tongue.
  3. Pregnancy: the sense of taste changes in some women during pregnancy, these changes could be a metallic taste.
  4. Exposures to chemicals: exposure and inhalation of lead and mercury at high level into your body can produce this metallic taste.
  5. Infection: colds, sinusitis and respiratory infections might change your taste senses, and it stops when the infection dies down.


If you are experiencing a metallic taste, try talk to your doctor to diagnose if you have any serious illness or ailment, if you love this article kindly share with your friends.

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