FG Raises Alert on Circulation of Counterfeit Quinine Sulphate Drugs

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Ministry of Health has warned Nigerians to be watchful as fake versions of Quinine Sulphate might be in circulation. Thus, the FG has increased its vigilance within the drug supply chains in the country to prevent the circulation of the drugs.

Quinine sulphate is used as an anti malaria, and according to the statement signed by the Director, Media and Public Relations of the Federal Ministry of Health, Mrs Boade Akinola, two cases of the counterfeit drugs have been discovered. Upon analysis, it was discovered that they counterfeit drugs contain no active pharmaceutical ingredients, which implies that they can’t be effective, and they could have harmful effects on one’s health.

The drugs are said to be in circulation in nearby West-African countries – Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and it could be in circulation in Nigeria.

The details of the drugs are listed below :

1. Quinine Sulfate 300 mg with 1000 Tablets per container; batch number 10H05, date of manufacture – 09/2014, expiry date – 09/2018.
Manufactured by Novadina Pharmaceutical Limited, London, and discovered in Cameroon.

2. Quinine Sulphate 300mg with 100 Tablets per container; batch number F4387, date of manufacture – 12/14, expiry date – 11/18.
Manufactured by CAD Pharm, India, and discovered in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She advised Nigerians to be on the watch, and report to the nearest National Agency for Food and Drug Administration office anywhere the drugs are spotted.