Before we continue from where we stopped in part I, there is need to understand that moms are role models and to an extent the state of health of the kids, reflects the health of the mom.

So, as a mom, beyond just maintaining your health, adopting good health practices also would help encourage your kids and entire family to stay healthy. Stated below are a few more handy health tips for busy moms.

Eat healthy as a family: Now, although some moms tend to have individual food life, as they do not always eat with the whole family, still moms’ individual food life is a reflection of the family’s food-life. Take out time to eat healthy, cut out the excess junk food and eat more veggies and fruits. It helps boost your overall health as a mom.
Instead of being so busy preparing whole meals, take time at weekend to prepare healthy stews, soups, in large quantity and store properly. This would give you more time to eat healthy. This would ensure that you when are running late, you can heat up some already prepared healthy meal, instead of running to junk food.


Invest in your health too: Make out time for your hospital appointments. Make out time to exercise, join healthy support groups.

Never skip breakfast: A lot of moms skip breakfast. Now, most mornings are busy for moms, as they get the kids ready for school and/or as they prepare to head to work. However, it is advisable you make it a priority as a mom never to skip breakfast. you can choose to carry a meal-box to work or have breakfast after the kids have have gone to school. Whatever way, ensure you always breakfast.


Take a bath, cold shower: Taking a warm bath or a cold shower during the day can do wonders in a mom, it is refreshing and can give new strength. Also, take time to change your clothes, A lot of moms have grown very comfortable in sweaty pajamas and clothes, it is very unhealthy and can cause rashes and body itches. Remember to treat yourself to a cold shower regularly and avoid repeatedly wearing sweaty clothes in the house for long.

As I stated in our previous post, Moms are loved and highly appreciated by ask.healthfacts.ng/healthfacts. We would love that these tips be adopted so as to ensure our moms remain healthy.