Home Remedies On Dealing With Snoring

Snoring is basically noisy breathing that occurs while sleeping due to inability of air to move freely through the nose and throat. This obstruction leads to vibration of the surrounding tissues leading to the familiar hoarse, harsh and loud sound. It is a problem that is peculiar to both males and females and also across all ages.

Snoring poses a serious challenge not only to the person snoring but also to the people around like family members and bed partners. Snoring reduces the quality of sleep as it leads to fragmented sleep. Apart from the feeling of weariness that this brings, it can also lead to poor functioning during the day and may sometimes be a pointer to a more serious underlying medical condition such as sleep apnea.

Snoring is often times associated with dis-quietness during sleep and can lead to relationship issues especially if you share a room with your partner. Thankfully, you do not have to seclude yourself in a separate room when you sleep. There are several ways to resolve the issue of snoring. However, these solutions are effective when you know what brings about your snoring and then from that angle find solutions.

  • Sleeping style and posture: When you lie down sleeping flat on your back, it causes relaxation of your throat, this can lead to blockage of that airway. In this case, a change in sleeping position can help stop snoring. Sleeping with your head a little bit elevated and on your sides instead of your back can help reduce snoring.


  • Men are at more risk of snoring and this is because they have narrower air passages than women. Some physical attributes most of which are hereditary such as enlarged tonsils, long soft palate, or large adenoids may also contribute to snoring in some families. Snoring caused by physical build can be reduced by throat exercises, adopting healthier lifestyle and sleeping patterns.
  • Being obese or overweight is another common reason why people snore, this is because fatty tissues around the airways may pose an obstruction while breathing during sleep. In this case, exercise and getting rid of excess weight can sometimes put an end to snoring.
  • Basically, snoring comes from the vibration caused from relaxed throat muscles. People often report serious cases of snoring after taking alcohol especially when excessive, this is because alcohol, smoking and some certain medications such as some tranquilizers and sleep pills can lead to enhanced relaxation of the throat muscles, leading to snoring during sleep.


  • Snoring tends to worsen as people grow older and add more wight. This is because often times, the throat grows narrower. While you may not be able to stop the process of aging, you can adopt healthy habits, and bedtime routines which can help curb the occurrence of snoring. throat exercises can also be very useful too.
  • Nasal congestion such as stuffy or blocked nose mostly due to cold and flu can also create vacuum in throat making breathing difficult and leading to snoring. Anything that prevents breathing through the nose can lead to snoring so most times when the flu or nose deformity is treated and gone, snoring caused by this factor stops.


Apart from lifestyle change and modification in sleeping patterns, surgery on the roof of the mouth, and at the back of the throat may also be applicable in some cases. There are some tools like chin strap and oral appliances which can be customized and constructed by experienced dentists which can be easily worn for treatment of snoring. Once you are able to identify the cause of your snoring and you apply appropriate changes and measures, you will be saying goodbye to snoring except it stems from a more serious condition, in which case it would be advisable you see a specialist.