How i got saved from the sting of cancer.

On a wednesday  morning while I was surfing the internet to get some information, suddenly a strange message popped on my Facebook timeline. It was my very good friend, Jessica (name changed for confidential reasons). We had lost contact after a while, so we started chatting again from where we had stopped. But during the chat, she disclosed to me, the shocking story of her life, how she went through hell and narrowly escaped the sting of cancer.
She carefully narrated everything, about how critical her health condition was, though I still couldn’t believe all what she was saying at first, until she shocked me with the words of how death missed her contact address on a visit, and how she escaped death by whiskers, which was the greatest miracle that could ever happen to her.
Here were her statements:

“I had been struggling with this abdominal pain around the left part of my abdomen over the past six years, but didn’t take it very serious, I felt it was a normal thing and would probably leave someday, so I didn’t really pay any serious attention to it, But along the line, the pain got so severe”.
“I couldn’t relate it to anyone, I just kept it to myself, little did i know I was seriously dying gradually, and then along the line, I discovered it was beyond what I felt as it was getting so serious, so I decided to travel out of Nigeria to pay a visit to one of our family doctors in Canada, just to visit him and then explain how I was feeling like, as I couldn’t bear the pain anymore”.
“After getting to Canada, I had a series of interrogation and conversation with the doctor, so he decided to carry out some diagnoses and MRI check up on me as fast as he could, because he was already thinking of what I never prayed for. So after the series of diagnoses, lo and behold he discovered that it was a severe tumour growth, growing and spreading at the left part of my kidney. What an epic scene!”. Then the doctor and his team decided to conduct a quick surgery on me.
“I never believed I could spend five days in the hospital after spending three hours in the theater during the surgery. Alas, the doctors successfully removed the tumour. Then after the successful work done, they ran some other tests, and they discovered, that there was a cancerous growth at the right hand side of my kidney, which had almost began to spread on other part of my vital organ.”.
“After the whole surgery, I noticed series of cuts at seven different places around my stomach after the operation. It was so shocking that the pain that I was actually feeling then, was at the left side of my abdomen, while the tumour growth was actually discovered at the right side of my abdomen in my kidney. I was completely astonished and stunned. The doctor was just shaking his head that I was just too lucky that, it is on a rare occasion that people survive this.
“So after the whole surgery was done, I was still unable to breath, talk less of coming back to life, according to the doctor he said, it took me four extra hours before I could regain my breath and live back”.
“I was so full of joy for taking that little step, and my greatest joy is that I am a survivor of cancer/tumour survivor. I would have being a victim of it, after six years of sharp pains. Since I came back to Nigeria after the surgery, I no longer feel any trace of pain anymore”.

cancer-survivor image
The lessons learnt from these story are ;

  • Learn to share your problems and predicament with trusted medical personnel to avoid a fatal health issue.
  • Check up yourself, take note of any strange growth around your body and take actions if you noticed any.
  • A problem shared is halved solved; speak out when you feel there is any little pain in your body using
  • Do regular medical check up on yourself and always visit the medical center when you are not feeling too well.
  • It is high time the government and all sectors assisted in developing and equipping the Nigerian health sector with the necessary infrastructure, facilities and human resource.I am sure there are a lot of people out there who are seriously dying in silence, but don’t know how to channel their feelings and experiences to the right sources.

Do you have similar or different stories apart from this? Or you know someone who does, and you feel it is necessary for us to share them, so others can benefit from them?

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us, so we can help you share your story.