How to prevent common Toilet Infections

As the name says, toilet infections are diseases contracted through the toilet. Toilet diseases are very common and everyone is prone to it, young, old, men, women, rich and poor alike. This is because daily people are exposed to using public toilets, at school, work, parks, markets, stores.

Toilet diseases can be very painful and embarrassing, however they are also very easily avoidable. Below are tips that can help prevent toilet infections.

  • Women are more vulnerable to toilet infections than their male counterparts and hence should take serious caution especially when using public toilets. Women should always cleaning up after urinating, either by using tissue paper or clean water.
  • Clean up properly: This applies to both male and female. Avoid splashing water from the toilet bowl on your body. Preferably, when using public toilets use tissue paper to clean up. For females, clean from the vagina back to the anus, not the other way round.
  • In some cases, it is advisable that if possible, you should avoid contact with the toilet seat. But then if you use it at all, always wipe toilet seat with tissue paper before you seat and flush before use.
  • Always flush after use. Ensure you leave the toilet clean each time. This is to protect other people as well and in general, cultivate a culture of cleanliness.
  • ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water before you walk out.
  • Toilet door knobs and tap heads are also known for dirt and all manner of germs. You do not want to pick up dirt and germs after washing your hands. So dry your hands after washing thoroughly and use a tissue paper to open the door. A lot of people are fond of opening toilet doors with wet hands and that is a very unhealthy practice.
  • Ensure you properly dispose paper wastes, used sanitary towels and tissue paper.
  • An extra point: As a lady, avoid directly urinating on the ground as much as possible, especially a place full of sand. This is to prevent urinate germs from directly entering the body through the vagina.