Medical Experts Shows Concern on Hypertensive Disorders In Nigeria

Cardiovascular disease is really a serious public health issue to many Nigerians today with 28.9 percent of Nigerians hypertensive. The Nigerian medical experts have created awareness on the epidemic of stroke, diabetes, hypertension and the Non Communicable Diseases.

Dr. Casmir Amadi, a Consultant Cardiologist at the Prestigious University Teaching Hospital, LUTH delivered a speech on cardiovascular disease organized by Kraft Heinz Company, he stated that cardiovascular diseases have become a serious concern to public health.

“We could reducing the risk of people with heart failure, kidney disease and stroke if we are able to manage and control hypertension. Working in LUTH is really a serious challenge, because hardly would one attend to a case in LUTH without handling issues on heart or stroke disease.”

Amadi; the frontier risk factor for the incidence of stroke in Nigeria is hypertension, and it’s the leading cardiovascular disease in the society and in this part of the world where people live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle as really contributed to this course.

With this, Kraft Heinz Company organized a scientific symposium on cardiovascular diseases to enlighten and educate healthcare professionals on the advancing epidemic of cardiovascular diseases in Nigerian and how Complan (a Kraft Heinz Company Product) can help in the management and control of these diseases.

Kraft Heinz, manager from West and Central Africa, in the person of Vincent Egbe felt dismayed on poor awareness over the epidemics of NCDs hitting the country. He further explained what triggered the organization to organize a symposium for health professionals so as to tackle the problem from various angle.

“Every person that might have being loss to NCDs could be individuals with useful potential that could be of benefits to the country”.

The Medical Detailing Manager, Kraft Heinz Company, Mr. Victor Rowland on his part stated that; the unhealthy eating habit and sedentary lifestyle of the larger populace made the Company to introduced Complan, a nutritional supplement fortified with the nine essential amino acids, ensuring an optimal protein content.

Complain is a skimmed milk, devoid of milk fat, containing good vegetable fat with health benefits. Its consumed twice per day, as it provides the body with micro nutrients, essential for vitality.