Natural tips to enhance your skin.

A lot of folks especially among the black race use whitening creams and bleach their skins all in a bid to enhance their looks. In this article, we would look at simple natural ways of maintaining a healthy and good-looking skin.

  • Avoid using whitening creams and agents: Many whitening creams and even some non-whitening creams have formulations that are very harmful to the skin and they can open up the skin pores and allow for dirt and infections. Stay away from creams that are not dermatologically tested and quit self medication when it comes to skin infections. Do not hesitant to seek professional advice and visit a dermatologist if you have any skin challenge.
  • Avoid wearing make-up to bed: Among the modern-day female folk, make-up is worn almost everyday and it is common practice for some to go bed with make-up. This is bad practice as it not only attracts dirt particles and clog the skin pores, it is also loaded with harsh chemicals that can harm the skin. It is advisable to wash off make-up or at least use a moist cloth or wipe to clean it off. This is to avoid accumulation and penetration of dirt through your skin pores.
  • Drink lots of water: Amidst other wonderful health benefits associated with taking water, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water can remarkably transform the way your skin looks. It improves the skin complexion as it hydrates the body and eliminates skin dryness and wrinkles.


  • Healthy eating habits: Really, it starts from healthy eating. Garbage in, garbage out. Your skin will reflect what you eat. This is why some people experience allergic reactions, acne and pimples after eating some particular food type. for example, some people react with pimples on their face when they take oily substances. So study your body to know what your skin likes and what it doesn’t. You can also get help in planning your diet from a nutritionist.
  • Detox Regularly: Detoxification can help get rid of toxins in the body. Pimples, black head, and dullness of the skin can result from accumulation of toxins in the blood stream and the body generally. Hence, detox regularly to cleanse your body of toxic substances and also give your skin constant sheen.

healthy food

  • Stay away from sun: Between 7am and 9am, the sun can be a great source of vitamin D. However from 9am, especially between 10am and 2pm, the sun rays are intensified and too much exposure to sun rays is detrimental to our skin.
  • Healthy habits: Lack of sleep, excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol can over time cause wrinkles and eye bags. Learn to relax more often, take visits to the spa, take enough time daily to rest and smile more often! These activities can help relax your muscles. Also, cut down on your salt intake, too much slat can make your face look bloated.

Actually it is not so hard to maintain a healthy and good looking skin. More and more people are getting affected by the day by whitening creams, with these tips, you see that you can actually be black and still have a naturally beautiful and healthy skin.