New Innovation in Cancer Surgery

Experts, after about 30 years of study, have developed new innovations in the techniques of cancer surgery, where organs are being conserved without compromising on the results.

A senior consultant, from the Surgical Oncology, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India Dr (Col) Vikram Pratap Singh, while speaking on the findings, said that they are removing fewer organs during cancer surgery, with very good outcomes.

With this new technique, radiation and chemotherapy is done with a view to conserving the organ, with doses modified” – he said.

This innovation took us 20 to 30 years to get the full data that we are not compromising on results. The concept about cancer as at the past century was if you have cancer, you remove. Now, we are getting similar results by adding chemotherapy and radiation and removing limited portion of the organ as possible” – he further stated.

The oncologist also disclosed that in cancer of the breast, there are results available for 20 years of breast conservation with radiation and chemotherapy, and the results match experts’ historical control where, they are used to remove the blob.

Dr. Vikram also stated that the patients are living long and are not having trouble, also stating experienced cases of tens of thousands worldwide.