Quick fixes for a running nose

I know it is no longer news that the rains are finally here, along with the numerous health issues the change in weather presents, one of which is running nose.

In this post, we will consider quick fixes for a running nose. Running, stuffy/blocked nose is usually a symptom of cold, flu and can make one extremely uncomfortable and running nose particularly exposes others to flu to a very large extent especially when outdoor. Allergies, stress, cold weather and sudden change in the weather are also other possible causes of running nose.

  1. Steam treatment: This works like magic! Prepare a bath or bowl of hot water, bow your head with face very close to the surface of the bowl and cover yourself with a thick cloth or towel for a few minutes, all the breathing through the nose and forcing steam in. This slows down the flow of the runny nose and clears up blocked/stuffy nose.
  2. Clean out your nose regularly. Blow out the accumulated fluid in your nose and clean out with clean water. As you constantly get rid of the fluid, the runny nose gradually wanes off.
  3. Salt water: Prepare salt solution (warm water and salt), Gently use a dropper to drop droplets of the solution in both nostrils. This helps thin out the mucus in the nose.
  4. Gently rub your nose, the area between your eyes to ease off sinus pressure, and eventually slow down the rate at which the nose runs or gets blocked.
  5. Stay away cold substances. Take a lot of warm, hot drinks or soup. The heat helps ease the accumulated congestion.
  6. You could also soak a clean towel in warm water and hold over nose at short intervals.
  7. You could also make use of nasal inhalers, and sprays. This is very effective in relieving one of running nose.