The rainy season is here: How prepared are you?

Good day lovelies, It is a beautiful day and I am enjoying this lovely weather, I hope you are too. Few weeks back, I saw one of these picture jokes about how Lagos is the closest city to the sun. I found it very hilarious, but then truly as the harmattan season bade us goodbye, coupled with epileptic power situation in some places, the weather got really hot, not only in Lagos alone but throughout the country.

Thankfully, the rain is here! But how prepared are we? It rained this morning, and despite the fact that I left my house 20 minutes earlier than normal, I was still late to my destination, the roads were blocked, some roads were badly flooded and there was just traffic. And this is just the beginning of rainy season this year. I hope the government acts fast as regards those roads.


The roads are not directly our concern here, Your health is. This season is often characterized with so much cold and flu in the air, and at healthfacts, we would love to share with you tips on how to stay healthy even as welcome the rain this year.

  • First, your diet. It seems as though on every post, diet is highly emphasized. This is because really you are as healthy as what you eat just like the computer jargon GIGO(garbage in-garbage out). Also, there is need for your immune system to be at its best this period because most cold and flu related ailments are contagious. To ensure your immune system is maximally functional, eating the right food is principal. You can check out some flu-fighting foods here.
  • Wash you hands thoroughly and frequently especially before you eat, after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose or after you have been with an ill person(s). You can also own a small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer you carry around, to sanitize your hands even when you cannot afford to start washing your hand, maybe on the road, on the bus at you office desk.
  • Avoid stress, exercise regularly. Avoid sharing objects. Maintain a good personal hygiene: When ill, Stay away from work, or school and avoid undue contact with other people especially children and the aged since they are more susceptible and frail. Proper disposal of tissue paper, wipes used when ill. This is to protect other people around you.
  • Keep your surrounding clean. I know how messy the streets and corridors can be. I’d however advice that you ensure your environmental sanitation is more than just once a month, clean up door posts, sanitize door knobs. These extra steps can save you and your family the extra cost of buying drugs and paying hospital bills.


  • Get ready for the rain: Get your umbrellas, rain coats, and warm clothing. I remember how I also longed to play in the rain as I little, until I did one day and was seriously down with cold and then I never longed for it again. It can be fun playing in the rain, but then one of the fastest ways to contact flu and other cold related ailments is undue exposure to cold, like being beat by the rain. I know it can be unavoidable sometimes, like when you are caught unawares on the road, but then you can get all these small portable umbrellas, shower caps to protect you hair and always have these handy in you bag or car.

I wish you a very healthy rainy season. At least, we would not have to deal with the heat for a while and for that I am thankful.