WHO sad over new polio virus cases in Nigeria

The World Health Organization, WHO, has expressed deep sympathy over the detection of the recent wild polio virus cases in Nigeria, a country who recorded more than two years without polio virus.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO Regional Director for Africa, reacted to the development with great sadness. “We are deeply saddened by the news that two Nigerian children have been paralyzed by polio. Also recognizing the significant strides placed by the government to stop the paralyzing disease in recent years.

Stating that the best solution is to immunize all children around the affected area and ensure that no other child succumb to the terrible disease. He reassured success to the Nigerian government and called for all hands to be on deck. “We are confident that with a swift response and strong collaboration with the Nigerian Government, we can soon rid the country of polio once and for all.”

Nigeria who recently marked two years without a single case of polio is now faced with the threat of the disease especially in areas where it is difficult to reach children with vaccine. Acknowledging the fact that the record wasn’t achieved in a day by just an individual, but that the progress was as a result of the concerted effort by all levels of government, religious leaders, civil society, and tens of thousands of dedicated health workers.

Steps including increased community involvement and the establishment of Emergency Operations Centers at the national and state level have been pivotal to Nigeria’s capacity to respond to outbreaks.