The departure of President Buhari to London on a 10-day vacation for an ear treatment drew my attention to quickly pick up my pen, not to write about Mr. President’s predicament, but to shed lights by creating awareness on ear infections, the effects and causes due to our lifestyles and habit.

The human ear has three parts, the outer, the middle and the inner ear, infection can occur in any part of the ear. Fungal infection can trigger external ear infection, and if it’s not probably treated it can migrate to the middle ear and gradually to the inner ear and could trigger damage.

Placing pointed or very sharp object into your ears can tear the tympanic membrane in the middle part of your ear. There are lots of viral ear infection such as meningitis and they basically can affect the central nervous system and organs of hearing and interpretation of sounds.




  • VERTIGO PROBLEM: this problem is found mostly in the inner ear, with the following symptoms: feeling dizzy, feeling like the world is turning around. Other causes could be hereditary factor; heavy blow on the ear can cause this problem too.
  • MENIERRE’S DISEASE: this is referred to as noise in the ear, like a sound penetrating into the ear region and its mostly being encountered by aged people. One of the symptoms of these infections is that it disturbs a lot and you tend to feel a noise regularly.


There are certain lifestyle and factors that can actually expose one to hearing impairment.

Sometime we’re careless by exposing our ears to noise, and environmental noise hazards, due to wearing earpiece all the time, and increasing the volume of your headset beyond the normal range the ear can tolerate would gradually damage your ear. Sitting close to loud speakers can cause more harm.

All these effect calls for more public education and enlightenment on the need for people to do regular check up, to detect common ear infections as certain number of factors are contributing to high cases of hearing problems in the country. Awareness can prevent these problems from occurring in our society