Genotype: 3 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Genotype

Genotype is the combination of alleles, situated on corresponding chromosomes that determine a specific trait if an individual. Genotype is also the genetic makeup of an individual organism.

It is important to know that for as many people that know there genotype, there are even yet many more that do not know theirs.

Genotypes are divided into six namely: AA, AC, AS, CC,SC and SS. A lot of people assume that there are only four genotypes, but,in actuality, there are six of them; though AC and CC are rare.

It is very important for you to know your genotype.


1. To know whom to get married to.

Your genotype and blood group go a long way in determining who you should get married to. For instance, AS and AS are advised not to get married because of the probability of giving birth to an SS child, also knowing your Rhesus factor is also important.

2. To understand your body system.

There are different traits peculiar to each genotype. Thus knowing your genotype will make it easy for you to understand your body system, know what to avoid and what to embrace.

3. Ignorance is deadly.

 The consequence of not knowing your genotype can be deadly. As it is always said, prevention is better and advisable than cure.

So, as you go out this week, ensure that you go to a certified hospital to carry out your genotype test. It is also advised that you do it in more than one hospital, so as to ensure consistency in the results.

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