Healthy Skin, Fights Cancer: 5 Amazing Benefits of Spinach

If you have only one choice to make; eat a bowl of cooked spinach leaves or have a bowl of ice cream, what would you do? Trust me! without knowing the benefits of spinach, I’d obviously have more than a bowl of ice cream.  
Spinach is one superfood that has its nutrients loaded in a low-calorie package. The dark, leafy green is cheap and affordable for everyone. It is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, pigments, and phytonutrients. All of these together make spinach very beneficial for a number of vital processes. Vegetables like spinach are important for skin, hair, and bone health.
spinach green food

The health benefits of spinach include improving blood glucose control in people with diabetes, lowering the risk of cancer, reducing blood pressure, improving bone health, lowering the risk of developing asthma, and more.

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Due to the vast range of benefits from this vegetable, it is advisable to consume spinach on a regular basis.  One of the biggest reasons why spinach is so important and valued around the world is that it is very durable. In this article, I would be sharing the amazing benefits of spinach.

5 Amazing Benefits of Spinach:

1.   Improves Eyesight

Spinach is a rich source of beta-carotene, lutein, and xanthene, all of which are beneficial for eyesight. Beta-carotene is supplied to the eyes by cooked spinach. It can prevent vitamin A deficiencies, itching eyes, eye ulcers, and dry eyes. This is also due to some of the anti-inflammatory properties of spinach, which can reduce the puffiness or irritation in the eyes.

2.   Reduces Blood Pressure

Spinach has a very high content of potassium and a low content of sodium. This composition of minerals is very beneficial for high blood pressure patients as potassium lowers and sodium raises the blood pressure. The folate present in spinach also contributes to the reduction of hypertension and relaxes blood vessels, while maintaining proper blood flow.

3.   Fights & Prevents Asthma

The risks of developing asthma are lower in people who consume a high amount of certain nutrients. One of these nutrients is beta-carotene, of which spinach is an excellent source.

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4.   Treats & Prevents Cancer

Spinach is made up of various important constituents that have been found to be promising in the treatment and prevention of various kinds of cancer. These include bladder, prostate, liver and lung cancers. Different constituents in spinach like folate, tocopherol, and chlorophyllin act via different mechanisms to treat and protect patients suffering from cancer.

5.   Protects Skin

Different phytonutrients and pigments have been shown to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, including UV rays. These not only protect but also repair the damaged genes to some extent, thereby preventing skin cancer in the long run.

benefits of spinach

Spinach can be eaten raw as a part of many salads, and it can also be cooked or sauteed down into a reduced form. This can be eaten as a side dish vegetable or added in a number of recipes for soups, stews, and casseroles.

Incorporate this leafy veggie into your diet and enjoy reaping from its benefits.

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