5 cool tips to eat more food and still lose weight

Do you want to lose weight and still eat more food so that it doesn’t feel like you’re on some sort of starvation mode or something?

Well, that should be quite easy to achieve.

Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t have to deny yourself the joy of eating food just because you decide to let go of some body-fat and lose weight.

First of all, it’s important to understand the way the body works. The body deals with calorie intake. So, for you to lose weight depends totally on your daily calorie intake.

You need to know that the amount of calorie a person takes in conjunction with your calorie conjunction level goes a long way to determine weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance.

For instance, if your body requires about 2,000kcal for daily functioning, eating less than 2,000kcal will result in weight loss. Likewise, eating more than 2,000kcal will result in weight gain.

You also need to know that every single thing (food, drinks, candy and all sorts) contains calories. So, to lose weight, you need to consume lesser calorie than your body requires for daily functioning.

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Here are 5 ways to help you eat more, yet lose weight.

1. Take appetiser to lose weight

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Studies have shown that taking low-calorie meals for starters (appetisers) such as salad can keep you from overeating.

Vegetable salads and fruit salads are known to be low-calorie food. So, it won’t hurt to start with any as a way of cutting down on the excess other calories you’re likely to eat if you don’t take these appetisers. That way, you’ll eat more food, yet consume fewer calories.

2. Try Smaller Plates

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We all tend to want to finish whatever amount of food we have dished out in our plates which leads to overeating.

According to a study carried out in Cornell University study, 85 nutrition experts gathered for an ice cream social to celebrate the success of a colleague. They were randomly given either a small or large bowl or a small serving scoop or large serving scoop. Then, the nutritionists were asked to complete a brief survey while the study researchers secretly weighed their bowls. Those given the larger bowls served themselves 31% more without realizing it, while those who used the larger scoop unknowingly served themselves 14.5% more.

3. Include protein in every meal

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Protein is considered a useful meal for weight loss and maintenance because it fills the stomach up easily, helping you avoid overeating.

A high protein intake boosts metabolism and reduces appetite which is very important if you’re going to lose weight.

4. Ditch the drinks

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it is time to toss the drinks aside, right?

A good number of drinks are high in calories because of the excess sugar used in making these drinks and of course, we often forget to count the extra calories we get from these drinks.

For instance, a half-liter bottle of Coke contains nearly 200 calories, including 44 grams of sugar and according to a study, drinking this much amount of sugar doesn’t only increase your calorie intake but also increases your hunger later on, which eventually leads to weight gain.

5. Don’t skip meals

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Skipping meals only put the body on hibernation mode.
When the body recovers from this mode, it is forced to consume as many things as possible to keep it going until the next starvation mode is over.

So, rather than skip meals, follow the rules above and simply enjoy the process as you lose weight.

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