5 Exercises that will help you gain weight

The truth is that people want to gain weight for different reasons. Some people would just like to look thicker while some have just recovered from an illness that made them lose a lot of weight. Following the right diet, and regular exercise plays an important role in achieving weight goals. Exercise helps to build and tone muscle mass which increases total body weight in a healthy way. Here are 5 exercises that will help you gain weight:

1. Swimming

Have you noticed that you get very hungry after swimming? This is due to a number of reasons. One of them is that swimming is an aerobic exercise that requires the use of many large muscle groups. Despite this, it does not burn off as many calories as other exercises like jogging. What this means is that you can work out your muscles and not burn off all the calories you gained from your high-calorie diet and you still want to eat after the exercise.

A woman swimming
(Source: Pinterest)

2. Push-ups

Generally, pushups help to build upper body strength and strengthen the lower back and core. Push-ups help to build muscle which increases the bulk and circumference of the arms, shoulders, and back. The exciting thing is that pushups are not just for men alone, there are different types of push-ups that are suited for women too.  However, it is important to maintain the proper form to avoid injuries on the back or wrists.  

Woman doing push-up
Woman doing push-up (Source: Masterfile)

3. Squats

Squats help to work muscles in the upper and lower body which could translate to more bodyweight. There is a program called the 20-rep squat program that has been proven to help bulk up rapidly. Although it is simple, it is hard to follow. Although, with determination and focus, it can be achieved. Also, assuming the proper form is important to achieve the desired results and prevent injuries.

Man and woman doing squats
Man and woman doing squats (Source: Byblacks)

4. Burpees

This is another exercise that works many muscles in the body and builds them. Although it helps to burn fat, this means that you could lose fat in the right places and gain muscles in the right places. Just in case it gets easy, there are different ways to step it up and make it more challenging.

Progression for burpees as one of the exercises to gain weight
Burpees (Source: Super fit dad)

5. Lunges

Lunges are effective for working out the legs and butt. Asides the many benefits for your health, it helps to gain muscle mass. It is used as a repetitive exercise that is useful in mass gaining.

Progression for lunges for gaining weight
Lunges (Source: The Guardian Nigeria)

Other tips

  • Skip cardio exercises, or at least spend little time with them.
  • With all of these exercises, eat a lot.
  • Get as much sleep as you can after exercise, but reduce rest time between sets.
  • Switch-up your routine so it doesn’t get boring and you continue to be challenged.
Wuraola is a trained health manager with a knack for reading every and anything. She is interested in sharing educational and helpful information from her reading and research. She absolutely loves food and hopes to travel the world to taste every delicacy out there. For more details, send an email to info@healthfacts.ng