4 possible causes of erectile dysfunction.

Drugs and Medications

There are several drugs known for causing erectile dysfunction in men, some of them are normal medications for such as pain relief drugs and antidepressants. Others are drugs like cocaine and marijuana. PS: Do not discontinue use of any drug without the consent of your doctor and do not abuse any drug.



Apart from the fact that men that are overweight can affect your self-esteem, overweight or obese men also have lower levels of testosterone, a very key hormone in the producing an erection. Because being overweight is a potential cause of high blood pressure, obesity can also reduce blood flow to the penis, hence leading to erectile dysfunction.


Quite a number of men take alcohol to set them in the “mood”. However, heavy alcohol can get in the way of erections although the effects are basically temporary.¬†Again, moderation is key.


A lot of men are overwhelmed with work by the time they get home and it is difficult to get in the “mood” when you have a lot in your mind. The way stress works is that it affects your body performance in general including your penis. You can deal with this by making lifestyle changes and relaxing well enough.