5 Ways To Become Fit Without Visiting The Gym

We all want to become fit and stay healthy with little or no effort. Isn’t it?

Well, with no effort, I’m afraid it’s going to be impossible, but with as minute as a little conscious effort, then it’s definitely possible. It might only take longer than putting a whole lot of effort into it.

Anyway, trying a couple routines around the house, work, car park, supermarket and the likes can be all you need to kickstart your fitness journey.

Here are 5 ways to become fit without having to hit the gym.

1. Jumping jacks in the house

become fit

Exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches and the likes have an overall effect on your body (hands, legs, hearts etc) and help to boost your body metabolism.
Kickstart the day by doing, say 10-20 rounds of jumping jacks for a start and then you can increase over time by adding 5 more, 10 more and as many as your body can allow.

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2. Dancing

become fit

Dancing is a physical activity that can increase your body metabolism rate, thereby helping you become fit and stay healthy.

So, whether you are cooking, washing your car, making your bed, washing your dishes and all, do it with a little dancing, getting both your mood and heart rate up at the same time, which in turn results to a physically fit you.

3. Carpark walk

become fit

By now, it’s no news that incorporating a few steps into your daily routine is a good way to exercise.

Here’s an idea, you might not be able to walk all down to your walk, but you know what you can do, you can park your car as far from the entrance of your office as possible and walk all the way down to your office. Easy, right?

Also, opting for the stairs in place of the elevator, taking a walk break as well are other simple ways to get yourself walking more. Hence, helping yourself become fit.

4. Play games

become fit

How about replacing your computer games, phone games and other screen games with physical fun activities like table tennis, basketball, volleyball and a couple of other indoor and outdoor games that will get you moving and exerting energy.

5. Drink enough water to become fit

become fit

You don’t want to go about working your body without fueling it. Your body performs best when it’s properly hydrated and failing to drink enough water when exerting energy over a long period of time isn’t healthy in any way for you.

So, you see, hitting the gym is not necessarily the only way you can become fit and stay healthy. As long as you incorporate a couple of physical activities into your daily lifestyle, then you’re good!

Always remember, health is wealth.

Kehinde Omotosho is a content writer at healthfacts.ng who enjoys the punching sounds of the keyboard when conjuring words together to make a full entity. When she is not typing, she's examining a few fashion pieces and playing dress-up. Meeting people and smiling always are a few of her hobbies. For more details, send an email to info@healthfacts.ng