6 Exercise Practices that Should be Avoided during Pregnancy

The importance of exercise during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. There are so many health benefits attached to regular safe exercise during pregnancy.

However, it is needful to know that as much as exercising and staying healthy is important, there are lines that should not be crossed in the name of keeping fit.

The period of pregnancy is a time to cherish and a time to be careful in order to keep mother and child safe.

With this post, I hope to be able to show you exercise practices and activities that should be avoided during pregnancy.

1. Exercises that involves lying flat on your back or on your stomach: As your pregnancy progresses, it is important to avoid exercise routines that require you to lie flat on your back or on your stomach. This can place too much pressure on veins and arteries and also decrease the blood flow to your heart.

2. Exercises/Activities that involves overheating and humidity: Activities that involves overheating and humidity for instance, going to the sauna, should be avoided especially during the first trimester when the fetus is undergoing its most important growth and development

3. Exercises that strain or stress you: Avoid strenuous activity and exercises such as heavy weightlifting, gymnastics, etc. Also, do not over exert yourself when exercising; stop exercising if you feel fatigued, develop persistent pain or if you can’t breathe well.

4. Exercises that require great balance or coordination: As your baby bump grows, the extra weight alters your center of gravity and this can cause you to lose balance more easily. It is advisable that you choose exercises that require little balance and coordination such as swimming, stationary cycling, etc.

5. Exposure to extremes of air pressure: Extremes of air pressure such as in high altitude exercise (unless you are accustomed to it) or scuba diving should be avoided as it can cause you to lose balance amongst other complications.

6. If you have a medical condition: It may not be advisable to exercise if you have certain medical conditions like hypertension, vaginal bleeding, asthma, history of recurrent miscarriage etc.

It is important that you talk with your health care provider before beginning any exercise practice.

Also, some safe exercise routines/activities that you can perform during your pregnancy include brisk walking, swimming and indoor stationary cycling.

Finally, when exercising, wear loose-fitting, supportive clothes and shoes, as well as a good support bra.

We wish you a safe delivery.

Stay healthy.

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