7 Foods You Won’t Believe Are Healthy

We all know that leafy greens, fruits and veggies are good for us, but what about chocolates and fatty fish? These foods are often regarded as junk foods. Surprisingly they posses more nutritional benefits than you can imagine. If you’re a lover of these foods and are worried that they are nothing but diet disasters, we’ve got some good news!

In this article, I would be sharing with you certain foods that are surprisingly healthy. From coffee to beef tenderloin, chocolates and the likes; here are reasons why these foods are regarded as healthy foods.

7 Foods You Won’t Believe Are Healthy:

1.  Chocolate


When most of us think of chocolate, we only see it as a treat only to be eaten on special occasions, and that’s true of most chocolates, but not of dark chocolate. Actually, if eaten in small quantities dark chocolate is filled with health benefits, including reducing high blood pressure, improving insulin sensitivity, and reducing the risk of diabetes. The key here is “dark.” Choose dark chocolate with a cacao content of 70 percent or more, and limit your portions to about 1.5 ounces.

2.  Fatty fish

Most people believe that eating fats are bad for you, but this is not the case. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which can be beneficial to the body in a number of different ways, including lowering the risks of cholesterol and preventing heart disease.

3.  Coffee

Too much caffeine is never good, but in moderation coffee can actually benefit your health. Not only does it make you more alert, coffee also reduces an individual’s risks of developing Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer, as well as diabetes.

4.  Nuts

Skin appearance

Nuts may be calorie dense, but they’re filled with vitamins and minerals. Ounce for ounce some of the healthiest nut choices (if you’re concerned with diet) are pistachios, cashews and almonds. Plus, nuts can reportedly help prevent cardiovascular disease.


5.  Spices


Spices are an excellent way to enhance the flavor of food, and early research indicates that some spices may offer health benefits, too. Turmeric and cinnamon are among those studied by for their potential disease-fighting compounds. Preliminary studies have shown that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric powder, may carry a broad range of anti-inflammatory and potential cancer-fighting properties.

6.   Beef

healthy foods

If you’ve been very familiar with certain nutritional facts, you would agree with me that you have come across a fact stating that too much beef isn’t good for your health. Indeed, it’s true that too much beef isn’t good for your health, but once again, knowing the healthiest cuts is key. Ounce for ounce, beef tenderloin has about the same calorie and fat content as skinless chicken thighs. Rich in protein and vitamin B12, this cut is a good source of selenium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and B Vitamins. Versatile and flavorful, tenderloin is a smart indulgence that can be paired with myriad sauces and sides for a healthful meal.

7.   Popcorn

Popcorn is surprisingly not that bad for you, even though it’s developed a bit of a reputation suggesting otherwise. Despite popcorn’s bad reputation, it’s actually a smart snack choice when air-popped. This is because it’s a source of fiber and is actually low in calories—just avoid the salt and butter.


Who would have known that these foods are healthy? You would agree with me that some foods which have a reputation for being unhealthy or fattening are actually surprisingly healthy.

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