7 Nutrition Tips for New Moms

Indeed it is a cliché when it comes to our health that good nutrition is important for everyone. For new moms, a good nutrition is very important as this helps them when recover from pregnancy, labor and delivery and work hard to keep their family happy and healthy.

Here are some tips for new moms in order to ensure they get proper nutrition:

Healthy meal choices: Your appetite is usually the best guide for how much you should eat. Choose a variety of foods and ensure you consume enough calories; whole, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and whole grains are more preferred.

Avoid dieting: As a new mom, it is advised you stay away from calorie counting, and focus more on getting enough of the good stuff, thus helping you limit your junk intake. A high calorie intake is recommended and they should come from whole foods.

Plan your grocery trips: Visit the grocery store with a list of healthy choices and stick to them. Avoid shopping under pressure, as this would lead you to making of wrong choices. When shopping, focus on nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy, nuts and other legumes.

Drink plenty of water: Water is considered to be very essential for our health and should therefore be taken regularly. You could incorporate juice or milk. It is not necessary to force fluids beyond your thirst, but it is a good idea to drink something whenever you feel thirsty.

Avoid unhealthy habits: As a new mom, it is best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages as this could affect your health and that of your infant. Also the use of tobacco can interfere with milk let-down and also affect your general health.

Watch your portions: Bigger portions mean we consume more energy. To be a healthy weight, you need to watch the amount of food that you eat to make sure you aren’t eating too much. You could incorporate using smaller plates and avoid going back to the kitchen for leftovers.

Be product conscious: Go through food labels, and avoid processed foods with more than five easily identifiable ingredients.