8 Creative Ways to Fight Sleepiness At Work

More people in the workplace are getting less sleep especially in the big cities. With traffic to beat in the mornings, the workload at the office, and then traffic again at evening. All of this makes it almost impossible to get enough rest, with sleepiness clouding the fellow’s day. It can be frustrating when you are willing to work but sleep would not let you. There are creative ways to fight sleepiness at work. We’d take a look at a some…

fight sleepiness at work

Ways to fight sleepiness at work.

  1. Move around at work. Don’t just sit at your desk, especially when you are feeling sleepy. Take short walks around the office. You could also take the stairs up or down from your office floor. Brisk walks can give you energy boost and drive the sleep from your eyes.
  2. Short naps in between. A nap of about 20 minutes can be incredibly helpful when fighting sleepiness at work only that it shouldn’t be abused. Only break time should be used for napping except you have the permission of your supervisor and it should be very brief.
  3. Perform simple stretches as you work. You can opt to stand and stretch as you answer the phone especially if it’s a long call.
  4. Fragrances and scents around the office can also help to fight sleepiness at work, especially mint and lemon.
  5. Chew on something, anything… Gum is the commonest option.
  6. Keep the window blinds up. Light sends signals to the human body to wake up. A natural source like the sun reflection from the window can trick your body to believing it should be awake, hence you feel more alert at work. You can always improvise with artificial lights.
  7. Music! Different genres of music trigger several emotions in people and can help keep you alert. While music can be helpful, loud music can be very distracting. Quieter ones are more effective.
  8. The cold water trick. Yes, it does work. Splashing a little cold water on your face or exposing yourself to a little more cold helps your body fight sleepiness at work. This is because the body at that time would be working to stabilize your internal temperature so it remains awake.

In the end, your productivity at work is better when you have had a good night rest as when compared with you tricking your body to staying awake after nights of sleep deprivation.