Amazing Benefits of Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf, also known as Vernonia Amygdalina which is also known for its bitter taste as the name implies. Well, underneath that bitterness, are several useful and numerous health benefits needed by your body.

This plant is commonly grown in Nigeria in almost every part of the country and known as Ewuro by the Yorubas, Onugbu amongst the Igbos and called shiwaka by the Hausas.

This vegetable can be prepared by juicing it with a blender or traditionally by adding little water and rubbing it with your palm to extract the juice from its leaves. Also, it can be used to prepare the famous bitterleaf soup (a popular delicacy amongst the southeast people in Nigeria)

bitter leaf juice

Some Benefits of bitter leaf include:

  • It speeds up metabolism therefore; it is a great ideal for weight loss
  • It aids in reducing high sugar level in the blood and it is a great aid for diabetic patients
  • Juice extracted from fresh leaves of this plant can be applied on ringworms, skin rashes, eczema and any other skin ailment.
  • Bitter leaf could also serve as a detoxifier as it detoxifies the blood, prevents indigestion, scurvy and nourishes the skin.
  • Juice extracts from bitter leaf can be used to relieve feverish conditions.
  • Bitter leaf can be used as a home remedy for treating malaria as it contains anti-parasite and anti-bacteria properties.
  • Bitter leaf is known to soothe and also cure pile.
  • Consumption of bitter leaf or its juice aids in dealing with mild stomach ailments
  • Washed stalks and roots of bitter leaf are boiled and the infusion is taken as a worm expeller.
  • This amazing plant is known to be rich in several vitamins of which includes, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 & B2 which are needed by our body.

BitterLeaf Soup


Kindly Note: Despite its numerous benefits, it is advisable that pregnant women do not consume as high intake of bitter leaf can cause miscarriage