A Call for Partnership To Upscale Production of Sickle-Cell Drug

The Director of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Development (NIPRD), Prof. Karniyus Gamaniel, while in an interview the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday stated that the institute is seeking partnership with interested organisations to upscale the production of Niprisan.

He explained that the partnership would help boost the current capacity of the institute to produce the sickle-cell drug (Niprisan) to reach more individuals living with the condition.

Recalling the fact that the license to produce and distribute the drug was previously withdrawn from a pharmaceutical company, and that now, the Federal Government needs to re commercialize it.

Over three per cent of Nigeria’s population are currently living with the disease and they are spread all over the country but the drug is only available at the institute in Abuja for now. If we want all of them to access the drug whenever they need it, this needs to change.” – he stated.

He also stated that the institute only had the capacity to produce one third of the quantity needed, adding that this affected the availability of the drug to sickle-cell patients.

Gamaniel said that achieving full commercialisation of Niprisan would not only increase the production and distribution capacity but also increase employment rate and generate more income for government.

Source : http://leadership.ng/news/health/515395/institute-seek-partnership-upscale-production-sickle-cell-drug