Can’t Focus At Work? Here’s what to do…

Lack of concentration and focus at work is fast becoming a top issue of concern to employers. Employees on the other hand keep wondering why they can’t focus at work. Amazingly, the reason why you can’t focus at work ranges from your lifestyle to your environment and even diet.

Top Reasons Why you Can’t Focus at Work

Social media.
For every new feed, picture that is on your timeline, your brain tries to analyse them as you scroll past… draining you of needed energy. Some of these thoughts linger on and keep distracting even as you return to your work. If it is difficult to resist reading through feeds, stay signed out on all your social media platforms while at work.

When you have so much to do, you tend to go around in circles and accomplishing individual tasks seem daunting. Creating a list of what you need to do (however long) and assigning time to them can help.

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Boredom at work.
Doing the same thing over and over again and truly be boring. When you are bored, every other thing seems interesting so it is easier to give into watching a video or going on social media or simply zoning off.

Underlying, unresolved thoughts.
Much as you try to concentrate while working, when you have some unresolved issues at the back of your mind, it becomes really difficult. Take a few moments to attend to those thoughts and issues, that way you achieve a lot more.

Too little sleep.
Study shows that too little sleep can lead to short-term memory and sap your attention span, making it difficult for you to concentrate. So get some good sleep!


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With the brain, there is no focus without energy.
A major source of brain energy is food… So skipping meals aren’t the best option for someone at work. The first meal of the day, breakfast is especially important for the brain to focus.

Trying to do so much at once.
Research has shown that trying to do so many things at once (multitasking) is not as effective as you running the tasks one by one.

Take time to exercise.
I know how difficult it can be to find the time to exercise but not exercising affects the mind just as it affects the body. Not exercising can affect the concentration and focus even at the workplace.

A lot of these factors still boil down to you. Paying attention to these seemingly little details can go a very long way in increasing your attention span and your overall productivity in the workplace.