Curing Hospital Anxiety, Fear of Surgery and Medicine

I have heard a lot of folks share with me about how fearful and terrible they could be, as regard the following phobias; fear of surgery, fear of medicine and hospital anxiety, which is termed as nosocomephobia(fear of hospital), tomophobia (fear of surgery) and pharmacophobiafear of medicine.

So many individuals are always scared to take medicine, although I’ve personally felt this way too, but the question is what could be the cause of this fears and how can it be tamed? I’ve got some insights for you as you read on…

Reasons for hospital anxiety and surgery fear


  1. The reason why most people get scared of surgical operations and hospital anxiety is because of what is at stake, most especially during anesthesia. The truth is, most of us are often scared of handling over our inner power to someone else, so we get too scared of giving up this inner power to heal ourselves.
  2. Another peculiar reason why we tend to exhibit these phobias, like hospital and surgery fear is that this injuries or illness sometimes have exposed us to so many unhealthy experiences, that are wrenching to the spokes. Because we have so much to do,to get better and sometimes we often postpone our medications, thinking it won’t work out.


  1. Trust your Doctor/Health Practitioner

Trust is the opposite of anxiety, so when you trust your practitioner you’ll definitely calm the fear of surgery and hospital anxiety. When you trust and have confident in the person helping you, then you’ll feel relaxed, and you’ll easily take charge and gain control of your feeling and fear.

  1. Be Informed

Whenever you notice any symptoms or a sign of illness around you, the first step to take is to make research about your medical challenge, as this will calm you from surgery fear and hospital anxiety. Although some of the info you get from the internet can be so scaring and terrible, but knowing what you’ll be going through and what’s going to happen to you, could help you gain full control of your fear and anxiety.

  1. Trust Yourself

Trust implies that you trust what you can do, to give yourself the best treat and fast recovery. Like eating what you are told to eat, doing a lot of exercise, saying positive words of affirmations to yourself that you’ll get better and carrying out physical therapy as being directed can go a long way in dealing with these phobias.

I hope you’ve being enlightened thus far, kindly share with me what you feel about this at the comment box below, I’d like to hear from you. PLEASE SHARE.