How Different Sleeping Positions Affects Your Health

Getting adequate sleep is very important in the one’s life. However, beyond that, how you sleep is equally important. You most likely already know from experience that certain sleeping positions have implications on your health generally. For instance, sleeping in a certain way can leave you with neck pain and other kinds of body aches for most part of the day. Those are milder issues. There are more serious ones though. Some ailments like diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are linked to sleeping patterns. We’d discuss some of them in this post.

We’d look at how sleeping positions affects your health.

Sleeping on your front body, with your face down. Sleeping this way would have you literally lying on your stomach which is good for digestion. It also eases snoring. However you would have to be tilting your neck either to the left or the right because you can’t you’d have to breathe, that can cause a lot of neck pain. Also, your spine isn’t properly supported and it can lead to back aches.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”4VbsF” via=”yes” ]Sleeping on your back is a great sleeping pattern for your spine and neck.[/ctt]

Unlike the aforementioned, sleeping on your back is a great sleeping pattern for your spine and neck. It may also help prevent facial wrinkles as your face is all out in the air. However, people who sleep on their back tend to snore more. They also get to experience sleep apnea a lot. Sleeping on your back with your arms up is also a good one, only that it puts pressure on your shoulders and can lead to pain.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”fD58l” via=”yes” ]Sleeping on your back helps prevent facial wrinkles and skin breakouts.[/ctt]

Sleeping straight by your side is the best position for your spine. The side on which you sleep too matters. Sleeping on the left side might put a strain on some internal organs. Again, while sleeping on the left side might ease heartburns, sleeping on the right side might worsen it. Still, you might have to deal with skin aging – because of your body’s position relative to gravity. The issue of arms, shoulder pain lingers still because of the pressure sleeping on your side places on them.

Sleeping with your body curled up around the middle, like a fetus. This ‘baby’ style might be pretty comfortable especially in the cold. However, because of the excessive curve of the body, it poses a challenge to your breathing. And because your face is mostly tilted downward, it can also cause neck pain.


Irrespective of the health benefits associated with certain sleeping positions, most people get to  sleep in the position the find most comfortable. And that is fine, except it is causing health challenges or the doctor recommends a swap. So feel free to experiment with the different patterns and decide which you considered the best for you.

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