Does Hot Baths Affect Male Fertility?

Research has shown that 30% of most couples’ inability to conceive is caused by the man while 30% is caused by the woman and the remaining 70% is due to some other causes. There are several things that could cause a man to become infertile. One of the major ways is the impairment of the sperm cells by exposing the cells to severe heat which is at a temperature that is higher than the normal body temperature. In other words, over exposure of the sperm cells to heat will affect male fertility

Sperm cells are produced and stored in the testicles also called balls or testes. When the testicles are exposed to severe heat, the sperm cells in them begin to die. There are several ways that the testicles can be exposed to heat. Having a hot bath is one of the major ways that men expose the sperm cells to a higher temperature. This causes damage to the cells leading to impaired cells and low production of new cells. Soaking in hot bath tubs for 30 minutes in a week is enough to cause damage to the cells that take about 85 days to produce while hot baths of about a month or two can also cause the sperm cells to be impaired.

The impairment of the cells is reversible if the person stops bathing with hot water; however, it will take 3 to 6 months before the fertility can be fully restored.

Other sources of heat which affect the production of sperm cells

  • Placing laptops on the laps can is a source of heat that can affect the production of sperm cells. The heat produced by the laptop increases the temperature around the testicles and this could lead to infertility. A laptop should always be placed on a table
  • Wearing of tight underwear is another medium of causing increase in the temperature around the testicles. Endeavour to put on underwear that create space around your testicles.

Although, this condition is reversible, it takes time to correct, so always make sure that there is no heat around your testicles.

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