Drink wars: Coke vs water

You would think that anytime the almighty coke is pitched against water, there is an obvious winner, right? I mean who wouldn’t want that amazingly sweet and fizzy taste of coke right?

Well, it is not a secret anymore that Nigerians consume a whole lot of carbonated drinks. New brands keep cropping up every now and then and they still make sales.

But then, there is an undisputed king of them all; Coca Cola. This brand has been around for 128 years! Yes, and no wonder, because people absolutely love it, and Nigerians are not left out.

But are there health implications to chugging bottle after bottle of coke? is water a better alternative and why? which of these drinks wins this edition of drinks wars? Let’s find out shall we?



This dark-colored drink needs no introduction, you can buy the ubiquitous soda drink in every country in the world except Cuba and North Korea. Let that sink in for a bit, it is everywhere! And for many, it has effectively replaced water in their diet.

According to the Coca Cola UK website, the ingredients in coke include sugar, caffeine, and phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid in coke brings its pH to about 2.8. Compare this to the pH of water which is 7.

Also, put into consideration the sugar content and you are looking at a not so healthy drink. You are also at risk of gaining a lot of weight if you overdrink coke. You are ingesting extra calories that will eventually lead to weight gain. Consumption of coke has also been linked to childhood obesity.

This sugary drink is also implicated in causing tooth decay. The sugar can coat your teeth and tongue for a while after you drink it. This allows the acid in it to work on your enamel and breaks it down.

You also get dehydrated faster when you drink coke. Even though it contains about 90% water, the caffeine in it makes coke a natural diuretic, that is it makes you urinate more.



this clear liquid, on the other hand, is the gift that keeps on giving. Studies have shown that drinking enough water decreases the risks of colon, breast, and breast cancer considerably. It helps with several of the types of cancer that are prevalent in Nigeria.

Research has shown that drinking enough water daily also reduces cases of headaches, joint pains, and back pains.

You might also want to drink enough water if you want to lose weight. If you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. This means that a lot more calories will be deposited around your body as fat instead of being burnt for energy.

Coke vs water, which drink wins?

Water of course! It is tasteless, and sometimes it can be difficult to drink, especially in the morning. But you have to drink and keep drinking. Drink at least 4-6 cups per day, if you are healthy.

Some diseases or drugs make you retain water, so you might not want to drink too much in those instances. Speak to your doctor to figure it out what works for you. And if you have been exercising and sweating, you would need to take more water.

What you definitely should do is reduce your coke intake. It is sweet and tastes amazing when it is cold, but it is doing you more harm than good. You can spice up your drinking water by adding citrus fruits or buying carbonated water instead of still water. In conclusion, water saves lives, drink more of it.

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