Four tips that would keep you from morning tiredness…

Question: Some days I can’t myself from yawning over and over again especially in the mornings and it seems my day starts around noon. My mornings are always uncoordinated as I am always very tired. I have been battling morning tiredness for a while now, What can I do?

Answer: You are not alone in this. Most people experience this. Morning fatigue can be due to a number of reasons.

So, first you need to rule out the possibility of any ailment or underlying condition by seeing a physician. It may be nothing serious. It may be a pregnancy symptom or side effect of some medications, whatever the case is. It is advisable you check at least to rule out the possibility of an ailment lurking around the corner. Once, you have done that, and then you can do these:

  • First, move your body a little or a lot. Just make sure you move your body. When you wake in the morning, there is the tendency for you to walk around like a robot especially if you didn’t get enough sleep. Doing that would ensure you remain sleepy and tired for the most part of the mornings. Instead, get moving! Research says that physical activity boosts energy levels. That is probably why your class teacher in nursery school would ask you to keep jumping if she finds you sleeping off. It actually does work!
  • Secondly, take lots of water in the morning. Just to rule out the event of dehydration. Dehydration drains you of your energy, leaving you unusually tired. Dehydration also lowers your concentration level.
  • Get to bed early. Early to bed, early to rise… is very true. Getting enough sleep is one sure way to reduce morning fatigues. Also, maintain a steady sleep pattern. In the same vein, over sleeping leaves you more tired. For adults, it’s advisable to get at least seven to eight hours daily.
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Don’t skip your breakfast, its unhealthy to do so. When you are hungry in the morning, it is very easy for fatigue to set in. No matter how busy you are, do make time to have your breakfast and make sure it is a healthy option.

Making a structural lifestyle change may just be the way to stop all those morning tiredness episodes.

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